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Foliodot starter template is available for try-before-buy evaluation free of charge. For using template on live website, please purchase a license.

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By downloading and using foliodot template you agree to foliodot license terms.
Download v-0.6.2

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Is there any time limit for trial period?

No. Use foliodot as long as you wish on your local machine. Build your website. Apply updates. Once you are ready to publish your website please purchase a license.

What do I get within download?

All required foliodot js, css and html files, example projects and premade website structure with html pages. See what's included.

Do I need local server?

No. Foliodot will work from your local file system. See foliodot requirements.

I've downloaded foliodot, what now?

Great. You are ready to built your website. Here is how to use foliodot.

Where to learn more about using foliodot?

Check foliodot documentation. See how foliodot works. Learn more about page structure and page sections. Check annotated html page and configuration options.

Will I get support?

We will reply to support request the best we can but priority is given to users with foliodot license. Have question? Let us know.

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